Saturday, April 25, 2009

Early to Bed and Early to Rise Keeps a Mom Busy, Hurried and Lithe

My friend, Lisa, and I took our kids to this really cool restaurant she found called Willie's Ice House - they have a SAND BOX! It was really nice to be able to engage in a regular conversation while the kids were entertained. I took my usual amount of pictures - about a thousand - and only these three looked ok.

Then there was soccer practice. Below: the little sister of one of Gabriel's teammates. She is adorable and I love taking pictures of her!

Then of course there was the game - at 4 pm, in scorching heat and suffocating humidity. Who does the schedule?

GO Sharks!

the game was a little on the sad side, the other team scored about 5 goals - we only scored once, but even that was in their goal too.

i don't know who this is but it cracks me up that they have such a HUGE dog sitting in their laps.

one of G's teammates

We went on a double date to the Flying Saucer with one of B's coworkers. His girlfriend, Jaime, lives in Austin so I have only met her one other time but she is hands down one of the coolest chicks EVER. This is a shout out to you, Jaime - for the Fun Facts Dart Game, The Cheeky Monkey and OOO OOO AAh AAh! I hope we get to hang out more and I hope that one day you get your light covered tree!

And finally, in this video, Gabiel talks about the first book he ever read by himself. He sat so nice and still sounding out words and asking for my help only a couple of times. But after he read it, he was toast and just wanted to watch TV - this is why he was so distracted in the video.


The Stiletto Mom said...

How cute are those pictures Bex? I miss pee wee soccer. Glad you had such a fun weekend....I need a night out at a bar pronto!

Casey said...

Ohhhhh, I love the soccer pics! I'm half dreading and half looking forward to the kids playing soccer and they're so CUTE in their uniforms.

That sandbox restaurant sounds great, I know what you mean about not getting to enjoy any adult conversation... maybe I'll make the commute to the big sand box restaurant.

Ginny Marie said...

I loved the peek-a-boo pictures in the sand box! The video you made was priceless...what a great idea! I'll have to remember that for when Lily and Emmy read their first book all by themselves.

Krista P said...

What about late to bed early to rise? Lol

Love the shot of E with the bucket on his head. The soccer shots are good, you rock with action shots.

Drama Queen Jenner said...

My daughter would be the goalie tangled up in the net because things were boring on that end of the field. (Well, 5 years ago.)

Shangrila said...

What great pictures! When (my bella figlia) was in soccer, the only pictures we could've taken were of her sitting at the edge of the field making daisy-chains! :p

Love the ginormous "lap-dog"! We had a big dog growing up that used to "sneak" into our laps one paw at a time, convinced that we wouldn't notice an 80-lb-dog had managed to sit on us!

Yay, Gabriel! He deserves a little screen time for such an accomplishment-lol!