Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Blue

Yesterday, I woke up blue.

So I tried to stay in bed as long as possible. I have absolutely no reason for a funk. I don't have cycles anymore (although lets not eliminate hormone fluctuation from the possibilities), my life is great / routine, my meds are on target (for those of you taking score).

After hours of putting off the inevitable, I got out of bed but put off changing out of my pj's for several more hours.

I hung around the house with plenty to do but no desire. Not hungry. Not thirsty. Didn't want to clean the house, exercise or take the kids somewhere fun.

After a while i thought, maybe if I put on some makeup, I'll feel better. No.

i could go to the store and buy some fresh fruit and make a really fun drink.

i just didn't want to.

"wouldn't it be fun to dance?" i thought to myself. turned on some music - no, it didn't move me.

"wouldn't it be fun to hang out with a friend?" called beth - twice - no answer.

"maybe my mom will cheer me up." i thought.
"can i call you back? i'm visiting with aunt mollie, we are about to start a scrabble game." click!

"wouldn't it be rewarding and productive to paint the kids room?" hubs suggested i start such a large project with his help.

i called rhiannon on her lunch break. she was in the same mood as me but it was raining in the STL so she had an excuse to be all moody and grumpy. anyway, she advised that i make a virgin frozen drink - because if alcohol was what i needed then i obviously have bigger problems. meh.

i did get to talk to my aunt mollie for a few minutes before my mom hung up on me. aunt mollie thinks i have the swine flu. or am depressed because the month of April is over. she recommended i make a pitcher of alcoholic margheritas - all for myself. or go to the dr.

eventually, out of pity for my children, i played some board games with them.

i made virgin pina coladas - the boys and i shared.

there were cookies (sorry, casey, it was just one of those days)

there were spongebob cartoons

AND coloring

AND bubbles (spongebob is good for a lot of things)

AND temporary tattoos

now, i like to give credit where credit is due and it is due to a certain absorbent and yellow and porous critter who lives in a pineapple under the sea for breaking me out of my funk.

Today was decidedly better. The kids and I went to Seaworld and met up with our friends from the ABC club, Lori, Asher, Sage and Kelton . Today was Gabriel's turn to be in a funk. He held it together just fine until the very end. He had the mother of all meltdowns. It has been a very long time since he just fell apart like that. This was all out screams of terror and laying on the ground brand of tantrum. I'm sure that not only could our friends hear us across the park on our way to the parking lot, they were probably also very happy we were on our way! ARGH! Gabriel, learn your lesson - restrain from having fits of emotional outburst until AFTER new friends get to know you!

Which reminds me that while I was singing the blues yesterday, I was briefly on the phone with my friend, Lisa, when it struck me that its easy being friends with people who are funny and laid back and easy going, the true test of friendship is when you meet their mood swings for the first or tenth or one-hundredth time. When your friends love you when you are hard to love, that's a true friendship. Come to think of it, I am really wealthy in that aspect. I can think of a whole motley crew of folks who love me like that - people who have known me my whole life and people who have known me a few months and a lot of in-between. I'd like to put Spongebob on that list but seeing as how our relationship is a one way street and all, he's better off on the 'favorite tv shows' list.

Does this have you thinking about your friends? Please share!


Mrsbear said...

Glad you were able to snap out of your funk. I was there recently, in a blue haze, although Spongebob has lost some of his effect for me. He's still good for a giggle. Your aunt suggesting swine flu cracked me up, and your remedy is classic. Virgin pina coladas, bubbles, cookies and coloring? How could you not feel better.

Krista P said...

My friends are usually the cause of my melt downs.

Totally kidding.

I think sometimes God just wants us to have a bad day so that all of the other days seem THAT much better. You think?

I do consider myself very very lucky to have such a solid support system.

Doesn't picking up your camera and PPing some pics totally make you feel better?

Pearl said...

I had the same exact day Thursday! Just couldn't shake whatever the funk was. grrr. I really thought I was coming down with something, like Swine Flu. I was out some place where there were lots scuzzy people, and I just knew that I was going to contract that Swine Flu from them.

I think I may be okay.

Today was much better thankfully! (It helped that this morning I was 2 pounds lighter from a weight I just couldn't get out from under)

Sure could've used a mojito or something fun, but nursing really puts the kabash to any sort of fun drink that would have alcohol.

Casey said...

Aww, sorry you were in a funk yesterday. That's the worst when you just need to talk to an adult to cheer you up and everyone is busy and can't talk. Those cookies look good... I'm sitting in the airport right now, maybe I'll switch my flight to TX?

We tried the zoo yesterday and I had to walk out of there with both kids screaming so hard they were purple. Jerks.

Rulon and Lori said...

Thanks for meeting us at Sea World. Don't worry about Gabriel's meltdown. That's the way we leave Sea World 99% of the time. We'll have to meet up there again soon.

Rhiannon said...

I can say this crabbing to friends usually makes me feel better. Even if it doesn't, I never make feel worse! Glad we've been able to kvetch for 30-some years, well, technically more like 25.

Wendy said...

You are so brave letting your child sit on the furniture with an open bubble container. :)

I think you're remedy combo is awesome. I'm going to try that. Maybe I won't even wait for the funk. Let the good times roll!

Becky said...

Spongebob has been known to bring the smiles around here too.

Sorry you had the funks! I have a couple of girlfriends that always bring me out of my mood. We just call each other and say, "Talk me down from the ledge."