Thursday, April 30, 2009

FFF: Camp Flying F Ranch

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Welcome back to Funky Foto Flashback!
This week we visit summer camp at Camp Flying F Ranch. circa: ??? In retrospect, I doubt that this was REALLY a camp. We pitched our tents in the yard of these people and had "classes" about horses on the floor of their living room. Then we cleaned the stalls, groomed the horses, filed their hooves and cleaned out horse shoes - yuck. We did some riding (this brings back painful memories of being bucked off a horse gone wild).

Anyway, that's me on the left, my BFF Rhiannon on the right and the son of the people who owned the ranch in the middle.

Rhiannon has a flawless memory whereas my memory suffered through my youth. So Rhiannon, here's your turn to comment with some anecdotes or you might consider posting about it on your own blog.

Ok! Now its your turn! What you do is:
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Ginny Marie said...

It's like you were living the life I wanted as a kid! I had a horse obsession, but I never had the opportunity to come close to a horse until I was an adult.

Thanks for linking me up! Thursdays are busy days for me!

Krista P said...

I totally guessed that was you & Rhiannon before I read your comments!

Peggy said...

As soon as I looked at your picture I knew that it was you with that great big smile on your face! So cute!

Casey said...

That's a great picture and your smile is adorable/hilarious. You're totally cheesing it up! That camp sounds cool even if it wasn't legit. I went to Footloose camp, I swear. The song was the anthem that we danced to ever morning.

Eskimo Bob said...

Hi . . . I think I got lost . . . the Cyber Space is bigger than I thought . . .your blog seems really cool.

Keely said...

I would have felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. I probably would have been making the same cheesy smile, too ;)

Rhiannon said...

Yikes! Sooo many things were wrong at this time. It starts with the indicative name, "Camp Flying F," goes to our 11-year-old heroine desperately clinging to the reins of a runaway horse while her helmet slips to her nose, then back to a tent filled with spiders, brutal fisticuffs, mean older girls and ends non-triumphantly with my third (THIRD!) place ribbon for walking a horse in a circle. Seriously we were looking good for what happened at camp! On the upside they did have a soda machine with orange Sunkist and I thought that was pretty awesome.

Sprite's Keeper said...

So funny! Scanner or camera for Mother's Day? Scanner or camera? Augh! I really want to play! Will you accept oldies of Sprite? I have those!