Monday, April 20, 2009

Guest Post: Don't forget to beathe!

I never meant to guest post but it happened quite by accident!

"How does a guest post happen accidentally," one might ask.

Well, I will tell you ...

I was emailing with Casey, that uber cool girl from Half as Good as You (you know her, you love her, you know you do!) about doing some sort of fitness tip to tack onto the end of her Monday HASAY posts and voila! get me started talking (or typing) and I just can't-or won't- shut up (ask my mom, she will confirm) my little fitness tips became a post of their own.

It was really fun to stop procrastinating and actually do some writing about a subject for which I have so much passion. Thanks Casey for letting me smear my fitness propaganda all over your blog today!

BTW, Casey: I love how you described FFF as the meme that is sweeping the blogosphere! Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa!


Peggy said...

Well, I have to go back and read your guest post...I'll admit to you that when I saw it was about exercise I skimmed it b/c I've been so naughty this last week.

My running class was on spring break and I didn't do it once! Hence the need for the class! Ugh! It'll be like starting from scratch I fear! :(

And I, for one, ADORE FFF! Best meme on the web if you ask me (and also random tuesdays b/c let's face it...they're just so fun!)!

Well, off to reading...guiltily! Have a great day!

Captcha word: redolful...not sure if it's a word but it's how I'm feeling about not running last week! :) See? Even in Captcha speak, you got me! :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hey! I like FFF! If I had a working scanner, I would be all over that!

Casey said...

No no no, thank YOU for guest posting. And your FFF meme is starting to gain momentum. Pretty soon, people will be like "wow, you're the FFF chick? You ROCK!" I'm already like that since I got in on the ground floor of stalkerdom.

Still hating your bikini pic, you skinny person you.

Shangrila said...

Hey Sweetie!

Though I'm not a member of HASAY, I DID catch your guest post and it was BRILLIANT! When you can inspire a girl that was picked last for gym, you clearly rock-lol! I tend to take most of my excerise "tasking" (gardening, dancing, etc) but have toyed with running or joining a gym-your before and after pics made me go, "Damn!" Maybe I'll have to buy lace-up shoes, after all...