Sunday, January 24, 2010

the american patient

I was asleep and dreaming.

"Becca! Becca!" Brandon's cries wrenched me out of sleep and into reality. Oh yeah, he's sick and I'm taking care of him.

"Wake up! You're dreaming."

Our bedroom is warm and humid. Germs hang heavy in the air. I'm almost afraid to breathe in there. But I don't want to leave.

In his half reality half fever dream he asks in such a small voice, "Are you cheating on me?"

A giggle escaped my lips. Very inappropriate.

"No baby, I'm not cheating on you. You're all the man I need. It was just a dream, go back to sleep. I love you."

"Who is Dave? The oil change guy? I was running. I was sick but I was running anyway and it was so hot."

Then we realized his side of the bed was drenched. I sent him to take a bath while I changed the blankets. The only clean blankets we have left are light blankets, so I give them all to him. The couch would be comfortable but I don't want to leave him so I try sleeping in the chair. I wrap up in an Incredible Hulk blanket from the kids' room. It fits me like a shawl.

He murmurs and tries to fall back asleep.

Eventually, I move to the couch in the loft. Its right outside our bedroom and the house is quiet so I should be able to hear him if he needs me. Indeed, I hear him talk and cry out my name several times in the night.

This morning he looks a little better, well, lucid anyway. He won't go back to the clinic. He says he just has the flu and it just needs to run its course.


Ginny Marie said...

Oh, poor guy! You sound like a very good nurse! I hope he feels better soon!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Men! He needs to see a doctor if he is hallucinating in the night! Poor man. I hope he feels better soon!

Laufa said...

As my Mom would always say - Lots of fluids! Hope he feels better soon!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Being sick always stinks. Love the way you wrote it though!
I have dreamt of John cheating on me before. Had me pissed off at him for an entire day even though I KNEW it was a dream!

JennyMac said...

Poor guy. Hope all is better soon!

Mrsbear said...

Aw, you're so sweet to stick around. I'd have had him quarantined. ;)

Sounds like he had a mean fever though. Hope he's feeling better, if not maybe you can call the Dr. on the sly, at least for some peace of mind.

Keely said...

Aw, poor guy. Hope he feels better soon! Why do guys never go back to the doctor if it doesn't get 'fixed' the first time?

Krista P said...

You have such a way with words. I've been going through blog withdrawal. Hopefully the germs will leave the house quickly and you'll all feel better soon.

Casey said...

Aww, poor sick guy. Hopefully he's feeling better by now? The hallucinations were pretty funny though, stop stepping out on your sick man.