Wednesday, January 6, 2010

...and the award goes to...

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Your child has been selected by his / her classroom teacher as a Pillar of Character winner for the month of December.

(words, words, words)

.... one student from the class that exemplifies that pillar. For the month of December, the focus was on the Pillar of Respect. Your child was selected as the Respect winner from his / her classroom.

(etc. etc. )

Yep, that was my kid! How proud I am! What a delightful child I must be rearing. The only problem for poor Gabriel is that now that I know he knows and understands what respect is and that he is apparently very capable of displaying respect towards others, I will be demanding it of him henceforth.

But still, I am super-proud! AND he won a Spurs ticket and a Rampage ticket (our minor league hockey team). But he only won one of each. So we have to buy ours. How respectful does one have to be to also win a ticket for at least one parent / guardian to accompany him / her to said game?


Nadine said...

Well congratulations to Gabriel.

That being said - seriously only 1 ticket? It would have been better to give 2 tickets to one event then 1 ticket to 2 events.

Heath & Pearl said...

Well, I hope you can at least get your ticket by his. That is weird. But anyway, yay for Gabe! What a good little guy!

Nana said...

WOW!!! Congratulations GABRIEL!!! And congrats to Mom and Dad who are teaching him to respect at home! I'm so proud of him! He is and will always be my "angel"! Ok, Gabe, if you read this one day, you can be an angel with a sword!
love you!!

Ginny Marie said...

Wow! "Pillar of Respect" sounds like a lot to live up to...but I'm sure if anyone can do it, Gabriel can! Have fun using his tickets!

Casey said...

Wow, that's AWESOME, go Gabriel! But that's messed up that you guys have to buy your way in. Jeez.