Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surrey's, Streetcar and Auquarium

Surrey's. Eat there. I had the bananas foster stuffed french toast and i'm drooling now just remembering it. Brandon had some seafood and egg concoction. The boys each had some sort of massive pancake with peanut butter. We were all fat happy people when we left.

ethan called it the "Charlie Bus" - which was his way of saying "trolley bus" but even if you drop the bus, he's still wrong. the locals are very clear about it being a streetcar. but charlie bus is kind of cute!

my MIL in her natural state

Gabriel exclaimed: "MOM!!! Look!!! Its frog bones!!!" I seriously love how little it takes to get these kids excited. Now that I know how much he loves frog bones I can set a trap and .... now I'm thinking of les cuisses de grenouilles.


The next two posts will be pictures from the zoo. We bought an Audubon Fun Pass or something to that effect. It was pretty reasonably priced as far as touristy stuff goes. We paid (so you can plan your own trip to New Orleans) $105 for admission for all four of us to the Insectarium, IMAX, Aquarium and Zoo.

By the way - the zoo? Was the best one I have ever been to. Ever. Better even than St. Louis. First of all - the landscape is gorgeous. It was really easy to get around. They had fewer animals than St. Louis has but they have all the cool ones. But the animal exhibits! It was amazing how close we got to the critters! You'll see in the next posts.


Mrsbear said...

Every time I leave here, I'm craving something delicious. Can't wait to see the zoo photos.

Casey said...

Wow, bananas foster WITH French toast? I'm in love.

Love the pictures, and I love frog bones too. Not really but I guess they're not so bad.

We got a zoo pass too but haven't been yet since it's been too cold I know, in FL .

Ginny Marie said...

This trip is leaving you with great photos!