Sunday, January 3, 2010

best coffee

Not starbucks.

But i will give starbucks the best coffee on the run award. But not their via blend. Coffee is not meant to be instant. NOt even "gourmet corporate coffee". ew. ew. ew.

I probably think about coffee way more than the healthy person thinks about coffee. If only I considered other, more important things just as much, imagine how different my life would be: God, my relationship with my husband, my kids, my business, the state of my (lack of) housekeeping, or how about this one, consideration of others. Hmm.... something to ponder - on another day.

The BEST coffee in the universe award goes to Independence Coffee Co. located right here in Texas! It is rich and nearly naughty its so bold. My favorite? Settler's Blend. That will wake you up in the morning. Although, if you need to wake up in the morning after a sleepless night? Go with the Jet Fuel blend. I kid you not, that's what it's called. The Costa Rican Terrazu is also incredible but a little milder. If you like that sort of thing. (not to mislead you, its still quite dark) This has been my daily fix for years now. Unfortunately they don't sell it here in San Antonio - my MIL brings it back from her frequent jaunts to the Houston area. What would I drink without her?

The runner up award goes to The Roasterie. This coffee came to me from my cousin the Wonderful Pearl Girl. (her superhero name) My favorite blend - though I don't recall trying any other - Kansas City Dark blend. The company's description of the flavor is perfect. I can not match it so I will copy and paste it:

"Like the city we call home, this blend is sophisticated and complex. A true dark chocolate tone embraces each sip, building to a crescendo of syrupy caramel, ripe dark cherry, and spicy tobacco. The buttery smooth body spreads across the palate creating a dramatic weight to the finish. "

Who did they hire to write this? A sommelier?

And so it is perfect for any occasion. The other blends in their Dark Line are enticing - what with names I can't resist (you either, probably) Nitro Dark, Full Vengence Dark, Dark Mojo Dark (so dark it has the word "dark" in it twice? pour me a cup!), and my personal favorite: Voodoo Dark. Oooohhhh..... that one sounds dangerous!

The Roasterie might become my favorite if it were easier to obtain - but for now, I bank on holidays and birthdays for my dear and generous cousin to show benevolence towards me and ship me some.

What are your best coffees?

i didn't take this shot - but i will take a shot of it! get it? hahahahaha!!!!!
its coffee addict / photography humor all balled into one nerdy monstrosity


The said...

Hi Bex,

Thanks for your kind words about The Roasterie's coffee. Although we don't have a somolier on staff, our baristas and coffee buyers have excellent palates. They are due all credit for the creative names and descriptions of our blends.

Even though we're only your second favorite coffee, if you wanted it more frequently then just at the holidays, it's all available for purchase on our website. It will be shipped to you within 24 hours of being roasted, so it's just as good as buying it here.

Thanks again for the mention!

Sara Person
The Bean Herald

Ginny Marie said...

We've been buying Kirkland coffee at Costco...three pound cans! It's cheap, it's strong, and it lasts for a while. I'd love to try your coffee choices, though. Without my two cups of java in the morning, I'm useless!

kyooty said...

Coffee and I have had a bad Break up. :( I miss coffee, but have turned to tea for my waking up and blog reading needs.

Casey said...

Mm, I'm a coffee amateur since I didn't start drinking it until after I had kids. We buy the Dunkin Donuts blend and when we get drive thru, we get Dunkin Donuts or McD's roasted.

I sent my husband the link to this post and told him we should try the jet fuel blend.

Auntie Amy said...

Once again, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.
My darling girl please notice my personal motto.

Sine coffea nihil sum!

For you poor tragic folk who havn't studied latin:
Without coffee I am nothing!


The said...

The Roasterie is trying to get coffee into the Chicago area, but the only way to get it outside of Kansas City is from our website. We have sample bags for sale, which is a great way to try the different varieties. Enjoy!