Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolution Weigh In

2009 was a year of low expectations. I had two resolutions and I kept one of them!

1. Return library books on time (failed by Feb)
2. Get more badges on my blog - well, this one was vague enough that if I got only one more, it was a success - which it was!

2010 is here and my goals are a bit loftier...

1. Lose TEN pounds. (how cliche)
2. Take my vitamins every day (why not? i take meds everyday, why not vitamins?)
3. Teach Ethan the alphabet (he's 3 for goodness sakes!)
4. Read 12 novels (this is a feel good resolution since I average a novel per month anyway - I just want to look back at 2010 and feel like I achieved something)

I feel bad for the younger child. My older child got a much more focused pre-school education. The younger one just learns by picking up on what the older one and I go over. So while we're at it, we might as well throw in shapes and numbers.

There we have it. 2010 will be a healthier and smarter year. Those are resolutions I can raise a drink to - albeit fresh squeezed juice or one of my 8 glasses of water per day.


kyooty said...

Happy New Year, it sounds like some very attainable resolutions. My almost 5yrold got a mini leap, and it looks like a blackberry? and it teaches the ABCs but I'm most excited was that it will teach him the days of the week. the concept of time 'yesterday, last year" is totally lost on him. hahha always the younger ones. :)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Looks like you've hit your resolutions very well! I hate making any resolutions because I fall on my face with them.

I'm worried about Jonathan and his learning numbers. Honestly, he's only interested in superheroes and anything that goes "boom..." Numbers? Letters? Yawn for him.!

Krista P said...

:) I didn't make resolutions. Shame on me.

We're running into similar educational issues with Cadence...she can't recognize all of her letters yet, but she can spell site words (Paige's homework). Go figure.

Mrsbear said...

They all sound like attainable goals...and very similar to some of the things I'd like to accomplish. (Add potty training the 3 year old to that).

My husband is always harping on me to take my vitamins!

Hope you have an excellent 2010.