Saturday, January 23, 2010

a day in the life...

The weather today is perfect. It is sunny, 71 degrees (that's 21.6 celsius), not a cloud in the sky.

Brandon has been sick for several weeks. He just cannot shake whatever it is that he's got. To give him a reprieve, I took the children out of the house. We hit a JC Penney sale by 9am. Then we were off to the bookstore for Gabriel to pick out a book (his prize for getting excellent marks on his report card), drove through the car wash (one of my favorite things to do of ALL time!), and stopped by the store for medicine, kleenex and magazines for Brandon. You might wonder, if you live in an area of the world with crappy weather today, why we did not enjoy the outdoors?

We did.

After we finished our errands, we packed a picnic lunch, the kids hopped in the wagon and we went to the park. The park is about 1.7 miles from my house (that's 2.73 km). I can leisurely jog this in about 15 minutes. But with both children in a wagon it took a painstaking amount of time. I calculated that our total travel time (round trip) was just shy of an hour.

At the park, we three sat on a bench and enjoyed our food. The sun was shining on us. The boys were contentedly eating their PB&J and orange slices (and being quiet!). It was such a precious moment that I wanted to cry!

Then they raced off to the slides. I worked on my bible study. Occasionally I would glance up at them. They ran like little maniacs all over the playground. They really need to burn a lot of energy. Maybe that's why they've been so naughty lately? It's a lot like raising a couple of greyhound puppies.

Ethan is actually napping! Gabriel is hanging out with some neighborhood friends. Wow! It looks like I have a few moments to myself! I think this is the very definition of Blissdom.


steenky bee said...

Color me jealous of your balmy weather. Here in Utah it's ice ice baby. BTW: Penny's is really growing on me lately. I love some of their jewelry and they have fun designers for the women's clothing now! So good to see you on this side of the cybersphere! (I think Captain Dumbass helped me get so many views the first day. Very nice of him.) I was terrified to post again.

kyooty said...

I'm so very jealous of your weather. I'm still basking in my winter wonderland. :)

Cassie said...

What an awesome day. I can't wait until things warm up here, or at the very least the snow melts.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I would love to have that weather. How lovely! But seriously...this Brandon thing worries me. Is he coughing a lot? Could he have pneumonia? I feel like his mother, but seriously....he needs to get checked by a doctor!

Mrsbear said...

You have to appreciate those peaceful moments.

The weather has been pretty nice around here lately too. I love a clear sky.

Though I agree with Lisa, Brandon sick for weeks is a little concerning. Keep us posted.

Krista P said...

I honestly don't know how you do it. I wish I had half of your energy.

I'm a bit alarmed that you opted to spend the quiet time sharing your day with us here on the blog, instead of vegging out with a good book. But I'm glad you did.

Casey said...

Sounds like an awesome day. I'm loving this weather, we've spent every afternoon on the patio or swing set and it's great. Here's to a few more cool months before the horrible heat sets in!