Sunday, January 10, 2010

More NOLA pics - well, its better than a post about failed potty training

Which would you rather see: vacation pictures (which I understand can be very boring for people who weren't on the vacation) or stories about poop? At this point in potty training, I can't wait for the day Mother's Amnesia takes these painful moments of potty training from my memory. So enjoy some NOLA pics!

more beautiful doors

PW Colorized

acidic version

kids can make a playground out of pretty much anything

i felt sorry for this pineapple. it was so chilly. i wanted to wrap him in blanket

in the atrium outside our room - boys being silly with their hats from Aunt Steph and Uncle Lee in Peru!


Ginny Marie said...

I much prefer the photos...I've got plenty of poop stories of my own!

kyooty said...

love the picture of the boys and their hats! Looks like a lovely area to visit.

Shangrila said...

Gorgeous photos! I am so feelin' ya when it comes to the potty training! There are so many days when I want to ask, "Why, God, WHYYYY?!" LOL.

P.S. Those hats from Peru are fabulous!

Ginny Marie said...

Hi, Bex, just stopping by again to thank you for becoming part of my community on BlogFrog! You're awesome!


Mrsbear said...

I do love the vacation pics, especially since it's been forever since I've actually taken one.

We're living our own potty training fiasco, which involves absolute refusal and an irrational fear of "dropping the kids off at the pool."

You may not be talking about poop, but that doesn't mean I can't. ;)

Heath & Pearl said...

All the door pics remind me of the door pics you took a LONG time ago around Belleville. Do you remember those? Looks like your taste hasn't changed too much. : )

Casey said...

I'll take vacation pictures any day. Love the bike rack/playground.

Don't worry, we're having our own potty training woes around here. And today, Elliot's teachers told me she's ready to potty train but I said no way since my 3yo is still struggling.