Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Orleans Zoo; 1 of 2

isn't this the cutest carousel ever?

this little girl is only 7 months old! i really wanted to take her home and dress her in tu-tus and put lipstick on her - then i realized how dysfunctional that is and have been trying to put it out of my mind ever since.

turns out that brandon is the river otter whisperer. he clicked at them and they swam to him - then they had a whole conversation of clicking back and forth. my river otter language is pretty rusty but i think they thought he had doritos and he was lecturing them about eating healthy foods and not filling up on chips.

ethan trying to get a better view of the nutria

then it was time for lunch.

see? didn't i tell you that we got ridiculously close to the animals? i would love to have a telephoto lens - but i don't - so that should tell you something about the proximity. this zoo was amazing.

ok, you FL bloggers should really take a road trip to new orleans (i'm talking to you casey and mrs. bear and sprite's keeper!). kyooty, you might as well take a trip too since you live in the arctic - it might be a nice treat for you to visit the deep south! it was really fun with the family!

tomorrow is the last of the zoo pics, subsequently, the last of the new orleans pics. there are so many more days left in january for nablopomo - i'm going to have to get my camera fired up again!


Laufa said...

Awesome pics!
Once summer comes, if you want to take another trip there, we'll be able to meet there. We'll only be living 3 hours from it.

Ginny Marie said...

Everytime I go to the zoo, I take so many animal pictures! There's just sometime about a zoo! You're right about the proximity of the animals, though. My shots are never that close up!

Mrsbear said...

I love the zoo. The carousel is great, that albino croc in particular. I would advise against getting a monkey baby, although TLC might do a special about you if you did. ;)

I would actually love to visit New Orleans, and it's within reasonable driving distance, so who knows?

I just read Portrait in Sepia a couple of months ago. It really impressed me, my first Allende book. Quite the story.

Sprite's Keeper said...

We took Sprite to a zoo in Palm Beach over the holidays and she wanted to ride on the carousel so John took her into the line and paid for a ticket (over the price of admission...Wha?) and carried her onto the ride. As soon as she got a look at some of the fiercely painted faces of the animals (this zoo did not stick to horses but to mythical creatures whose mugs scared ME), she screamed until he took her off. AND the operator refused to give us back the money since he "stepped foot" on the ride and told us it would be a donation to the park. Um, wasn't the high price of admission the donation???
This zoo sounds like a much nicer place!