Sunday, January 31, 2010

out with the old, in with the new... patients

Brandon and Gabriel went to church this morning, leaving us two sickies behind.

In the boys' room, Ethan wanted to play.

I played the part of Susan (from Monster's v Aliens and McDonald's Happy Meal toy)

E played the part of the Tonka tow truck.

Tow Truck: Hi Susan, you want to go with me to the football game?

Susan: yes! that sounds like fun! (attempting to climb on back of tow truck)

Tow Truck: No! You ride in your own cars.

[grrr.... looks like I have a lot to teach about chivalry]

Bob enters the scene (also from Monsters v Aliens and McDonalds Happy Meal toy)

Bob: hi susan! coconut! coconut! coconut! coconut! coconut!

We tried building mega lego towers too - but since we lack a shared vision we both moved onto something else.

Later, after I've given up trying to play and think like a 3 year old. Ethan says to me, "I sick with the germs. I watch Spongebob now."

That's a great idea. I watch Spongebob now too.


Casey said...

I almost don't like playing with Graham sometimes because he's so damn bossy. Apparently, I can't do ANYTHING right. I guess you can't either.

Ginny Marie said...

One of Lily's friend's favorite word is "coconut!" That must be one of Ethan's favorites, too!