Friday, December 17, 2010

Bastrop State Park 1 of 3

During Thanksgiving week, we picked up and went camping. I had a lot of anxiety about this trip because I have been so busy with my business, it was daunting to lose a week of work. At the same time, I didn't want to choose my business over my family, so we went (with a happy heart) to Bastrop State Park.Bastrop State Park is located in the Lost Pines of Texas. There is a big mystery why this area has all of these pine trees. The reason they grow and flourish there is the soil - its just the right kind of soil for pine trees. But that kind of soil isn't found again until you get to way way way east Texas. There is a theory about a flood that is totally believable. But standing under these trees, I just go with my own theory; the grace of God.

Guard dog.


building a volcano.

Gabriel took his bike and enjoyed riding around the camp ground.

This park has so many wonderful hiking trails. Look at these gorgeous berries! They were everywhere and so festive!

This was a lookout at a trail head. I just love the colors of these stones. They are the color scheme of my house (although we are thinking of repainting).

Look! Someone already carved my initials. How did they know I was coming?

It is frustrating that I can get stranger's kids to smile very handsome or pretty - but not my own.

We watched the sunset.

On a trail, we found this structure that was built by the original CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp, FDR, The New Deal - ring a bell?). Gabriel wanted his picture with it.

They have this lovely pond. Brandon thought he'd try to see if he could catch anything. Nothing was biting this week.

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