Monday, December 20, 2010

Bastrop State Park, 3 of 3

Final installment of our Thanksgiving Week camping trip.

Ever the ornery son-of-a-gun. I don't know where he gets it from.

He found a nose.

mushroom cap.

a super cool mushroom we found.

Our Great Dane (pictured in the background) has some separation anxiety. As we paddled away from him on the bank he started freaking out. We didn't want to spoil everyone else's camping trip so we paddled back and I had the genius idea to put Duncan in the canoe. This displeased Brandon greatly but he humored me. There are no pictures of this event because Duncan ... well... he doesn't like water. So he freaked out all the way into the canoe. Brandon was getting subversive. We started paddling, Duncan was really really freaking out because not only was he in a canoe, he was going away from the land. Brandon's blood pressure kept rising. And I was laughing so hard, I was afraid I would pee. Brandon turned about a dozen shades of red. While I enjoy self-deprecating events, Brandon is not so keen on being embarrassed in front of a dozen other anglers and paddlers. All the while Ethan was crying because - who knows? - he's young and he was unsure of the whole canoe thing too. But being the child of my husband and I, he will have to get over that sometime soon. All to say that Ethan, Duncan and I spent the rest of the time at the lake, on shore.

But Gabriel learned how to paddle!

I must have been about six years old when my dad taught me too. So it was all sentimental.

He did great! Even with it being his first time! In a way, I was glad to sit on the bank and capture this moment.

Then there was more hiking.

On our last night, Ethan fell asleep on his daddy's lap. Duncan guarded our campsite. Gabriel and I pigged out on marshmallows until we were both crying over a tummy ache. Ladies and gentlemen, we had a good time.

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kyooty said...

Camping? in November? ACK! It does look slike a good time.