Monday, December 6, 2010

Maize Maze

We went to a birthday party for a friend (from the adorable red headed family) at the Corn Maze. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Maize maze.

It was loads of fun - here are some pics.

"Petting zoo closes at 3. Goat roast is at 4."

"Hey kids! Those are show bales, not play bales!"

Where do we go from here?

Some people never make it out!

Spooky half dead tree.

Even more spooky in black and white.

Funny faces means its time to go.

Just one more picture.


kyooty said...

love it!!!! they certainly have a lot of energy.

Krista P said...

I love that B&W spooky tree. Love it.

I haven't ever been to a corn maze - makes me want to find one to go to next year. Greta shots.

I just noticed that you added Duncan to your family "About Me" section. He's awesome.