Saturday, December 25, 2010

Goings On at Our Casa

After Ethan's birthday party at Fiesta Farms, we had an after-party at our house that consisted of a group of men, a late night steak run, the bubba keg, poker and whiskey. There was a lot of testosterone.

The hot guy in the cowboy hat is my husband. ;-)


Some pictures of us hanging around the house.


I've been on a no-tv kick with the kids lately. Their imaginations are on fire! Here is Ethan in the bath tub. This bath was just for fun, not a nightly scrub down or anything. Any other parents out there who toss their kids in the bath to give them something to do?

Anyway, in this scene, the army guy is fixing to take the shark on a walk.


Both of my children inherited the night-owl gene. It was inevitable, both my husband and I are naturally night-owls. Unfortunately, Ethan also has the insomnia gene. Here he is - staying up with me in my office, well past midnight while I edited images in the thick of Christmas portrait season.

He was hungry too, so I warmed up asparagus. He was quite happy with that.

Learning all about the business so he can sign on. Gabriel is already learning the fundamentals of composition and a couple of photoshop tricks. One day it will be "Rebecca Lara and Sons".

You may have recognized Bigfoot in the above pictures. I have a thing with sock monkeys. Therefore, my children do too and they frequently request a new sock monkey. I love to make them and I have an enthusiastic crowd to receive them: its a win-win.


And he says he doesn't like this dog. Phht.

The other pictures are taken with my old Sony Alpha. This one is with my new T2i. Isn't it pretty? I didn't even adjust levels or curves or anything! AND we have black out curtains in our bedroom (because there is a street light right outside our window)(it is so annoying)(I wish I noticed what a problem it would pose before we bought the house)(but I do like my house). All that is to say that my lens is freaking awesome too.

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Laufa said...

Yay for the new lense.
Bigfoot is cute, unlike the mass produced sock monkeys.
I'm not as strong as you are about the tv - my kids fight when the tv is on a commercial, forget when it is off; unless I separate them with different projects.