Monday, December 27, 2010


In my childhood home, my eclectic mother collected all sorts of cool stuff. She had an antique sewing machine (that doubled as a tv stand for many years). She had nearly every instrument imaginable (and learned how to play each one with some measure of fluency). She a plaster bust of Elvis. She had many cool wood carvings from all over the globe. She covered some walls with cubist art and other walls with impressionism. There was depression glass showcased in some great great grandmother's china cabinet. There was early American art in our kitchen (mostly Aunt Jemima and the Cream of Wheat guy). We had all manner of Native American art and artifacts (seeing as how my mother is nearly one half Native American - that was never as exotic as it sounds). And our record collection was like a radio station that played darn close to every genre on earth!

But these masks, were my favorite. They were in the front hall and the first thing you would see as you opened the front door. They are from Thailand and are meant to scare the bejeezus out of any and all evil spirits from entering the house. I think my dad didn't care for them. But I loved them! And finally, after all these years, my dad got his way and they left his house for good. So they could come to mine!

When my BFF Rhiannon came to visit, she brought them in her suitcase. Now it is my husband who dislikes them. Ah, the circle of life!

As you can see, I didn't hang them with great care, I'll go back and measure and hang some day when I have time for that. For now, I'm just so glad to get them on the wall of our loft!


kyooty said...

They are a little scary. I'd feel like they were watching me?

Krista P said...

Creepy, yet awesome all at the same time.

Laufa said...

My kids would say they are scarey. I think they are great and unique! I have a mask from New Orlean (it's pretty) and they think that is kind of scarey.