Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ethan's Real Birthday

Shortly after Thanksgiving, we celebrated Ethan's 4th birthday. His party wasn't until the weekend after his day, because parties rarely are on the actual day. We had a fun night: a little cake, some gifts, a lot of laughing.

his favorite colors!

He came to the store with me, picked out his cake and his dinner: pizza and salad. I kid you not, salad was his idea. This is on a cool drawing we made together earlier in the day.

Thank you, Aunt Patty! She gave him this gift card in the biggest imaginable card - ever! It was so cool!

From Mamaw and Papa - but this is not the best part of their gift.

This is! This picture doesn't do it justice. They made a huge happy birthday sign, decorated the monkey with mardi gras beads and took a picture of them together. It was so cute. Only hours later did Duncan eat the monkey. I sewed him back up with orange yarn and he's good as new.

This is the present from Brandon and I. Ethan and Gabriel have played with this thing for hours and hours. At his party, several guests gave him accessories to go with it. Its quite literally worth its weight in gold. I so long to have a daughter, but this is kind of like a big Batman doll house! Good enough for me!

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