Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rewind to Thanksy

Let's back up a little bit. After all, the happy meal incident was today but there are more pictures to catch up on.

Even posting the birthday party pics was getting a little ahead of myself.

Get in your hot tub time machine to the week of Thanksgiving. We went camping. We came home, we unloaded our gear, Brandon ran to the store while I laundered out camp fire smoke smelling clothes and for dinner we had (drum roll) steak frites!

It was soooooooo good!

The following day we awoke and I started cooking the sides for our Thanksgiving feast. B lounged about until it was time to dunk his turkey in the hot tub. It was worth the work!

After we ate.
(Yes, that is a PC laptop, Mac Book and iPad next to him)


Since we really went over board on the fall and Halloween crafts, there wasn't much left for Thanksgiving. Here are some things the kids colored (thank you Mamaw for sending these!)

Can you tell who colored which? Gabriel did the one on top. Ethan colored the one on bottom - all red except for one brown feather. That kid, I don't think I will ever figure him out!

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Pearl said...

Fun! All the food looks great! And love the decor!!!!!