Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Reading List

It has been a barrel of monkeys at our house over the last week, thanks to some adorable books from the library. It's Christmas Eve and perhaps a tad late for you to enjoy these books this year, but you can put them on your list for next year. Please comment and tell me what you think of the ones you have read!

The images are linked to the Amazon page for each book. Some of them have the "Look Inside" feature, if you are interested.

I love this llama and all this llama drama!

We own this book. The children aren't allowed to look at it without adult supervision. Each page is an intricate pop up depicting one of the books. Its absolutely gorgeous. And who doesn't have a soft spot for pop up books?

Not a Christmas book - but it has snow which seems very Christmasy to us southerners. It has a fun sing song cadence.

You should totally read every single Tacky book. He is the goofiest penguin in the world!

Santa Duck learns about giving.

Not as good as the first one but still very very cute.

The boys LOVE this book! Honestly, it is a little annoying to read over and over and over again. But the children really enjoy it.


This book is my absolute favorite Christmas book and I think I will (gasp!) buy it! It is so seriously adorable. I truly don't mind reading it 25 times an hour.


Kate said...

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!! May Peace be your gift at Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate) and your blessing all year through.

Ginny Marie said...

Ooh, I want to read all these books! They look like great choices. We love Tacky the Penguin, but we've only read the first one. Llama Llama one of my favorites, but I haven't read the Christmas one, yet.

Laufa said...

I so want that pop-up Narnia book - for myself. Is that sad?