Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Sunday

In the summer of 2007, my MIL and FIL moved to San Antonio to plant a home church. The home church emulates the early Christian churches described in the book of Acts. Its a very intimate setting, more like family than most churches. We sing together, pray together, study scriptures together and take communion. That's only on Sunday! The rest of the week we try to at least touch base with one another if not spend time together.

Two Sundays ago there were 40 people packed in Patti and Bob's living room. This was the same Sunday that we announced we would start having Sunday services in our living room. God's timing is amazing. If you aren't familiar, the idea of the home church is that if it grows too big that someone's living room cannot accommodate it, other home churches sprout from it - not to grow so big that they need a building like traditional church plants.

After a lot of prayer about this decision we finally struck out on our own today. Well, not really on our own - because we have a lot of support from the Crossing (Bob and Patti's church plant). This is a really exciting time!

Here are some pictures from our first Sunday. I took all of these after we wrapped up our service and brought the kids down to "fellowship" with us (I feel like such a goofball using that word).

Our core group

in our natural state of silliness


Beth and Ezra

Brandon and The Bedhead Family

Rohan feeding Jason

Jason sleeping

Jason awake
(its blurry but i don't care! looks at those lips!)

the latest musical trends

my child thinks he is Sri Lankan

the cutest baby! i can't stop taking pictures of him!

making fun of me.


Doublebanker said...

That's a good freeze frame of the boy horizontal with his feet being held!

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Rachel said...

LOVE IT! What a blessing!! Gorgeous photos and kids! The love is very apparent.

Krista P said...

I think this is my favorite post since you got your Alpha!

Jason is, hands down, the most beautiful baby I've seen in a while! Then again, with parents like his, I wouldn't expect anything else.

Check out those flying little men! If my church was like that the kids would be more eager to attend.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I think that is a beautiful concept! The pictures are great as always and wow is that Jason a cutie pie!

Beth said...

YEA!!!! Can't wait to have more fun...and wow, I didn't remember you taking so many photos, but they're really good.