Friday, January 30, 2009

Spin Cycle: Tunes

Growing up, my mom and dad listened to pretty much every type of music (save rap - not their generation).

I used to love spending my winter evenings and long summer days flipping through their record / 8 track collection which rivaled most libraries. I listened to:

jazz (of course, my favorite now, my favorite then)
rock (back then there was only one kind of rock)
western (old western - even old for my parents old)
blue grass
blues (i just deleted a weird tangent that was here about the history of white and black blues in america - i never cease to amaze even myself with my abilities to be a super-dork)
classical / symphony
show tunes (and yes, rock operas too)
irish folk
scottish folk
welsh folk
(Eastern) Indian Traditional
Chinese Traditional
Japanese Traditional
African Drum Recordings
native american recordings (little known tidbit: my mom and i used to dance and sing at the local pow wows)
Swiss Yodeling
... oh my the list goes on! ...

You might be wondering,
will she ever stop talking about herself? Or maybe you wonder, how has this affected her life as an adult?

I will tell you the answers to all that you wonder, grasshopper.

The answer to the first question is, no.

The answer to the next question is in three parts.

1. High Fidelity quickly became one of my top five favorite movies of all time, thanks to my mom and dad endowing upon me with their diverse music taste.

2. That first one easily gave away the second part of the answer: I am the weird lady who makes music compilations for everyone. Well, maybe not everyone - but I have made several for my sister-in-law's sister-in-law. I make one for almost every event: road trips, first day of summer, St. Paddy's Day, my-period-came-ten-days-late-giving-me-a-good-scare day. I made five for my own wedding reception that were played on repeat.

3. My kids are already carrying on the legacy of a potpourri music collection. In their room they have: Gypsy Kings, Phish, Beatles, Jack Johnson, soundtrack to Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and many other "mom approved" cd's. When Gabriel was 2 he would make requests at bedtime like, "chips kings" or "k-tar" (John Williams, classical guitar).

One of these days, if you and I meet - don't be surprised if I throw down a cd for you to take home and enjoy. Depending on who "you" are - I already have!

UPDATE: I can't leave you without a song. I just simply can't do it!!! So sit back, drink some coffee and take a break.

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Shangrila said...

Very cool-High Fidelity is one of my husband's and mine's favorite movies of all time. My daughter hijacked her daddy's Stray Cats cd when she was 8-still loves it 2 years later! :)

Casey said...

You can make me a mix tape any time. Well, I guess it's a mix CD nowadays. I used to love burning them in college but I haven't made one in forever. And man, your parents really did listen to EVERYTHING!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Would you believe I already had the Setzer Orchestra on my playlist? Love that song! I saw High Fidelity in the theaters with John and we both walked out saying, "get the soundtrack!"
You're linked on this week's Spin Cycle so everyone can see it!