Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the truth is, no!

Today was great - v. productive. I did all of the following:

worked out, a lot

played excessively with the kids in an attempt to limit their tv watching to 30 minutes for the entire day

prepared three complete meals and two snacks (hot ones - not just crackers and cheese)

cleaned the down stairs as if i were going to put the house on the market! man, it is CLEAN!

washed, folded and put away several loads of laundry

What I did not do today:

talk on the phone - or talk at all - to an adult (until B got home from work around 6:30, then i talked to him for a few minutes)

leave the house


put on makeup (this, alone, is a travesty)

I told all of this to B in a sort of sad tone and in an effort to cheer me up, he said, "but isn't nice sometimes to be isolated for just one day?" I mumbled some sort of agreement.

But the truth is, no! I want to interact with people. Everyday. Every single day.

So after the kids went down for bed I text'd my running mate to verfiy that we were on for the a.m. - I imagined she would reply then we would start exchanging texts with The Office quotes and a few other inside jokes that would make no sense at all to other people, but it doesn't matter because we are so funny to each other and after that five minutes of texting I could go to bed feeling as if I had interacted with someone that wasn't feeling the stress from his own difficult / relatively new job in a sucky economy where he is the only "bread winner" and we are still trying to bounce back from his lay off and I really have it so good rearing the children and staying home that if I have ONE lonely day I don't want it to sound like I am whining bc I really have the better end of the deal.

Only, she didn't text me back. This is pretty typical of people with no home phone to speak of (like myself). We put our phones in our jacket pockets, the kitchen counter or on silent and forget about them, rendering ourselves impossible to get ahold of.

So I blogged about it and you know what? I feel a little bit better. Because even though you didn't respond, and this was a completely one sided conversation, at least I got to tell you about my day. For that, I love blogging!

I just reread this post and you know something? I could probably use counseling. Or go back to working part time. This is very strange to post something so ... whatever you call this post ... but most of my friends in the blogosphere are equally neurotic so here goes...


Laufa said...

You need to look into joining a MOPs group (Mothers of Preschoolers).
Do you go to church? I'm not going to bible thump you, but it is free adult time to relax in a non-threatening environment.
I was a SAHM for four years, so I know exactly how you feel.

Casey said...

Just stopped by from Sprite's Keeper. I saw your Irish Car Bomb suggestion and wondered who this person was that could actually stomach an ICB. The one time I tried (I drank 3 in a row after already consuming MANY beers), it didn't end so well.
I rarely see another adult during the day, I get how you feel. It's lonely being stuck at home, even if you do have great kids to entertain/torture you all day. Blogging is therapeutic and I'm glad it made you feel better!

Nana said...

Hey girl! I missed talking to you yesterday! You're not weird, your feelings and reflections are NORMAL! I think all moms could vouch for that!! Just remember, they won't be little very long! Humm...ready to try another mops group. lol. (inside joke) Actually those can be wonderful!! I really look forward to our Beth Moore Study at OHC!! This is going to give you some mommy time again!!
love ya!

Beth said...

Wait a minute...were you talking about my day? Because it sure sounds like it!! Anyway...I love the new look of your blog, oh, and your rockin' hair style! I like having a friend that's so spunky and creative. You inspire me. Really. "Tell me if you think this is creative. When I was five, I imagined such a thing as a unicorn. And that was even before I had ever heard of one or seen one - -I just drew a picture of a horse that could fly over rainbows and had a huge spike in it's head. I was five, five years old...couldn't even talk yet."

Well, see you Friday?

Kellan said...

No - I totally get it - all of it! You don't need counciling - you are in very good company - we are not alone, just sometimes lonely!

Have a good day - Kellan

Sprite's Keeper said...

Casey took the words out of my mouth. Blogging is absolute therapy for me, even though I have a full time job and deal with people who are sometimes even more juvenile than my toddler. I would rather sing "Twinkle Twinkle" thirty times in a row than listen to the Stapler Wars going on in the next cube. Grass is always greener.

Mary Anna said...

I'm totally there with you (and here in SA too)! Some days I find it so hard to be stuck in the house and others I have no desire to leave!

Nadine said...

I loved your post...honest and true. That's the best part of blogging you find you are not alone and that people care.

Krista P said...

Amen sista'.

Really - is there anything really wrong with one-sided conversations.

Tonights blogger word verification for me is "patti"

Made me think of your MIL and smile.