Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Spin Cycle: 2009 Resolutions

I used to love making resolutions. Love? you ask. But why? Because I kept almost all of them.

Resolutions used to be a big giant metaphorical gauntlet thrown down before me. There was a challenge, a dare, a competition against myself (my favorite type of competition). I took resolutions very seriously. As a child, I wrote them down, sealed them in an envelope and ceremoniously taped the envelope to the back of my headboard. As college and then motherhood killed my brain cells I posted them on a bulletin board beside my bed as constant reminders to fulfill my New Year's resolutions.

My favorite resolution was in the late '90's when I resolved to win at that darn claw game that is all over the place. Every where I went I was armed with a bag of quarters and would stop to play four or five times. If some unlucky sap tried to attack me, he would have been very sorry as he walked away with pelts from that bag of quarters. I won by March: a Sylvester the cat doll (dressed as a magician, no less). I'm sure I looked ridiculous, being this (unfortunately) trendy college girl, hooting and hollering over the claw game and then parading my trophy all over the entrance to Kmart.

As mentioned before, I used to love making resolutions. The last two years I have failed miserably at keeping them. In 2008 I even tore the page down off the bulletin board in a moment of self-loathing fury.

So this year, I have lowered the bar. I made two resolutions, one which will be loads of fun at trying to keep the other will be more challenging but more rewarding.

1. Get some cooler badges for my blog.

2. Return my library books on time.

Really. I go to the library at least once a week, if not twice - why should I pay fines for books that I read but forgot on my night stand, AGAIN? Thirty five cents here, seventy cents there, it adds up over the course of a year!

What are your resolutions?


Sprite's Keeper said...

Nice to keep the resolutions simple for once! My resolution is to conquer my fear of potty training. This year will be the year we boot the diapers!
You're linked and welcome to the Spin Cycle!

The Stiletto Mom said...

I love that you posted your resolutions. I am a big believer in visualizing things...maybe I just need to post mine, the word Better, somewhere I see it every day to make me go the extra distance each day. Thanks for the idea!

Merry New Year! :)

Krista P said...

Amen sista!

How quirky and Rebecca-like of you to obsess over the claw game. All part of your charm. We wouldn't want you any other way.

My resolution is to be a better Mom. I feel like I hide from my kids too much. I'm overwhelmed with work, school and trying to be super Mom. I think I'll back off on the super and just be Mom. Maybe I wouldn't hide so much.

Excellent resolutions - we'll all be here to lay the smack down if you slip-up on them!

fyi, the verification I have to enter is calgion...a bit too close to Calgon, as in "Calgon, take me away." lol

D.M. Wright said...

Good luck keeping those. But they sound nice and simple! Good strategy :)