Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Love You

Last night, I sent Ethan to his daddy to say Good night and give hugs. I overheard him also say, "I love you." I freaked out! I have been trying to teach this child to say I love you for months (see this post and this one) and the first time he says it is to his dad? I mean, I love his dad and am glad Ethan loves his dad but I'm the one home with him all day, everyday teaching him how to talk, to eat, to walk, run, jump, manners, colors, shapes, etc.

Today, he said "I love you." to me. I was so giddy!

Then he tried to flush a baseball down the toilet.

I had to plunge that thing over and over, without knowing what I would find, in order to be able to reach down there and dislodge that ball. Thankfully it was clean looking (and smelling) water. Water was everywhere - even saturating my 5'x8' shag area rug in the living room - which is presently outside drying. Boy, was it heavy!

You just can't take your eyes off these kids.


Krista P said...

Best feeling ever! It just melts you, doesn't it?

Re: the baseball...I had to laugh - ah...boys.

April said...

awwwww... i can't wait until i get a clear and unmistakable 'i love you'!!!

Keely said...

lol! At least the baseball flushing was done with love.

Casey said...

All that "love you" training and Daddy gets the first payout. He should have gotten to deal with the baseball incident too! We're still working on "I love you" training around here, my son says it but has no idea why he's saying it.