Saturday, January 3, 2009

welcome to the gun show

Brandon: Honey, the kids are napping. Do you want to go shoot?

Me: Sure, sounds good, let me move the laundry over first.

that's right, we shot with the gun and the camera

mama needs to work on her triceps! yikes!

"did you see that shot?"

I don't expect I would EVER have this conversation / afternoon anywhere other than Texas (especially since I was wearing a little dress and high heel boots). Unless maybe we moved to Wyoming or some other cowboy place, then I might go shooting - in a dress - while the kids are napping - as soon as I finish the laundry.

My life has gotten weird since I moved to Texas.


Nadine said...

I'm not living here long enough yet, but I it makes perfect sense to me.

Krista P said...

You're so bizzaro.