Saturday, January 3, 2009

pictures of the week

Pictures from my week...

Gabriel and I chilling at home:

Our friend Luckson came into town for a few hours this week. It is always a treat visiting with him. The boys love kicking the soccer ball around with him.

He has an amazing story that began in Haiti and has ended up in optometry school - the last I heard, he was thinking of becoming an optometrist and going back to Haiti to help others with their vision - but he is young and single and he has the whole world before him, he can do whatever he wants. So, who knows where he will end up.
Another picture of Kasha. One day I will tell you about her ear.

Our house. We are so proud of the fireplace bc we tiled that ourselves (it was soooooo ugly before). Although we are thinking of changing the wall color. The only thing that holds us back is the hassle of painting with two young children under our feet.

I came into the loft and caught Ethan playing basketball with Snoopy.

Then Bee got in the game.

My bud, Gabe.
My next door neighbor has two little boys the same ages as my two little boys- what luck! Today, The four year old rang our doorbell, I answered and he said, "Can Gabriel come out and ride bikes with me?" Awwww..... that was the first time I encountered that situation. So of course I said yes and took lots of pictures. The mom and I have asked a few times if our kids could play together so we could get something done but that was the first time one of the kids initiated it.

The neighbor boys...

And I got a new 'do. Out with the old blonde highlights, in with the new blue-black and red-violet low lights on top of hair dyed back to my natural-ish color...

I was telling my friend Beth (who took the hair pictures) that I felt like my new hair is very rock n roll - but its weird bc I'm really into jazz. Oh well, I've always wanted to be a rock n roll, punk, harley chic. Basically I'm a big rebel waiting for my chance to do something dangerous - but not too dangerous bc I'm also a mom and we can't have anyone getting hurt or poking an eye out.


Nadine said...

Your hair looks great. I don't you know this but I was born in Haiti. I speak the language...not as well as I use to when I was a kid.

The Stiletto Mom said...

You rebel! Your hair looks awesome! I love the pic of the tennis shoes...I have a similar one of me and Miss G with our matching holiday pedicures I'm going to post. :)

Krista P said...

I love that you & G have matching shoes.

E is a natural-born athlete.

You've got depth of field!

Isn't it completely endearing when neighbors come over to play on their own?

LOVE the new hair - very edgy.

Sprite's Keeper said...

The hair is definitely rock'n'roll. Beautiful! The fireplace is gorgeous, and not that my opinion matters, I happen to covet the color on your walls and am thinking of painting my bedroom that exact shade!

Kellan said...

Cute pictures - love the sneaker photo and love your new hair - very CUTE!!

Have a great week, Bex - see you soon - Kellan