Thursday, March 5, 2009

Funky Foto Flashback: Chessman

My dad circa: 1981

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Casey said...

Your dad is totally rad. Mine had that same beard and haircut but I don't remember him having a Bill Cosby sweater..

Nadine said...

Neat picture of your dad.

Funny thing is that Tom and I are planning another trip to NY during that time too. We have to find a place to live and plan to meet with the people from the church. He's speaking at the church on Sunday morning.

Email me here and we'll see if we can make this work. I would love to meet you.

Keely said...

Your dad rocked the bearded look too, huh?? Awesome :)

Krista P said...

He looks like a professor ;)

Beth said...

Yea! I finally get to see your dad. Cool. I like the photo and wish I really knew how to add one too. I have some pretty awesome old pictures.

Pearl said...

This picture of him reminds me of Al from Home Improvement. : )