Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Fourth Bday Sofia!

Sofia is my niece and also Gabriel's best cousin. If it were legal, they would probably get married!

The kids and I drove out for her party - we probably would have anyway, but this seems like a special year since it was only a month ago that she had heart surgery to close a substantial hole in her heart. Also, last year they lived in Costa Rica and next year they will be living in Peru. We only had to drive to west Texas.

So I have posted a bulk of photos because every moment was special to me - and everyone else that was there. You could feel the excitement in the room just that we were there together, celebrating Sofia's life! All that to say - I couldn't narrow down pictures.

Annie is Sofia's favorite (at the moment). There isn't any Annie bday party plates or napkins at Party City - so her mom had to improvise. But its noteworthy that her mom, my SIL, Stephanie, also had an Annie themed party when she turned four. Awww!

the treats

they projected the movie on the wall

the kiddies eating in front of the movie

i wish you had smell-o-vision

Stephanie gave each kid a duster, played a song from the movie and sent the kids a workin' - brilliant!

here is gabriel and sofia

I don't know how this picture happened - but its so cool!

Opening presents

Ethan getting a little Aunt Stephy time

happy face bingo

the cake arrived.

this was some of the best cake EVER. it rivaled wedding cakes.

no, it didn't just rival them - it was the best. it takes the cake!
mwa ha ha ha!

it was quickly devoured. sofia gouged out the eyes.


Nadine said...

Oh what great pictures. The cake came out so well. Did she order it or make it herself?

Krista P said...

Her birthday outfit (not to be confused with "birthday suit") is too cute.

Casey said...

That is the coolest cake I've ever seen! I was happy to see that they showed the original Annie and not that cheesy remake. What a fun party!

Keely said...

Hahhah those dusting pictures are great!

Nana said...

Please note that the aprons the children are wearing while dusting were made by REBECCA!! Too cute!! By the way, the cake was almost as tall as Sofia. A friend of hers brought both cakes from a fabulous bakery in Dallas! THANK YOU COURTNEY!! These Events always require some awesome people to execute!!

Beth said...

I just have to say that the aprons looked like the highlight of the party!! I'm so proud of you!