Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday: random cousins pics

These are all random shots from our last trip for Sofia and Maddox's bday parties - respectively.

Gabriel said, "Sofia, why does your table have balls?"

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Keely said...

LOL! I hope you giggled like a school girl when he said that. I would have.

I love love love photo #3!

Casey said...

I've never seen a boy table before but there it is. At least it doesn't have blue balls.

Pearl said...

What an advanced reader Gabriel is! You must be very proud.

I love the cousin picture! The kids are all so adorable!

Nadine said...

I love the question about the table having balls. Kids say exactly what they see. Your kids are adorable - love the pictures.

Shangrila said...

LOVE these pics! My favorites are the nap on the couch and all 4 kids under the tree. You have a talent for getting great pics of your kids...any advice? (Because I suck at it! I take lots of photos, but few have the "Ah!" factor that yours do.) Also, why DOES your table have balls?! LOL :p

Krista P said...

They're so cute together.

And why DOES the table have balls - lol.