Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RTT: Self Deprecation

Endorphins: Beth and I run together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We recently added miles to our regular runs just for the heck of it. After such a run I had a little runner's high. So I start telling Beth about how we took out the prickly pear in our yard. I told her how I threw it over the fence into the green belt. I told her how our fence is so fragile that one time when I threw it over, it took part of the fence with it. I told her about how there was so much prickly pear that I could stand on the "trunk" and jump on it without it breaking. Then, I demonstrated. But this time The prickly pear gave - it broke, I fell on my arse, and took the top of the fence - or what was left of it - with me. We laughed until we peed! Then as I was explaining that it is such a good thing that I am not a 14 year old boy (because of all the trouble I would potentially get into)I started climbing this tree we have. I did a pull up on a branch, swung my legs around and hung upside down for a bit, then as I swing my legs back around, I misjudged my distance from the ground and jammed my shoulder.
my running mates

As I was leaving the house to meet up with Beth for a run (not the same day as the above story) I put Ethan in his car seat - then I put Sheila in the back - then I started the car to get the AC going - then I went to get Gabriel's booster as I had just washed the cover - when I got back to the car - IT WAS LOCKED! My car never does this. This is not like the automatic locks that lock when you shift into drive or close the doors. I don't know how it happened. It was a freak accident. Brandon wasn't anywhere nearby and I panicked. I called the police. The police, the fire dept. and an ambulance came tearing down my street sirens and lights ablaze; only to tell me that none of them had a slim jim so we would have to wait for a locksmith. Humiliating. I felt like the biggest dope.

Simon trying to coax Sheila with a treat to the front seat so she would step on the window down button. It didn't work.

Gabriel had a good time.

I ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk - in one sitting - in less than one hour. For Shame!

Gabriel: When I get married, I want ot marry a girl who doesn't have a daddy.
Me: Why is that?
Gabriel: So I can rescue her from the monsters.
(Let's wait a few more years before we inform him of the emotional dangers of wanting to be the hero)

Simon watches the kids for us a lot so we can go do things together. It is awesome! We have had many an outing to run together to pick up some food, or walk around somewhere together - just an hour together, uninterrupted is fun! We came home one night and Simon said he was trying to teach the boys how to do a relay race with sticks. At point, Gabriel got Ethan's stick and so Simon just handed Ethan Gabriel's stick. But this didn't sit well with Ethan so he ran after Gabriel shouting, "MY DICK! MY DICK!"

I am such a big dork. How will I illustrate this point? I cut open an avocado to beautiful green avocado perfection! So I took a picture.

Then I cut open the second avocado and it was equally perfect. So I took a picture of that one too. That was a good night for salads in my house!

The Stiletto Mom posted a story after my prompting. I felt very special about this so you should go read it. Go ahead and do it now because this post is done. Then, if you have MORE time to kill you can read other random tuesday thoughts by clicking on the uber cool button below.


GreenJello said...

Now I'm craving avocados.

mrsbear said...

Dude, those are some handsome avocados. Our tree just flowered this year for the first time, I'm hoping to completely OD on guacamole this summer.

The story about the car locks, wow! I probably would've busted a window, it's so hot down here I don't think we could've waited for a locksmith. Scary.

Nadine said...

Have I mentioned before I LOVE avocados.

The car lock - that's just awful. I hate when things like that happen.

Casey said...

Now I must get an avocado, stat. I'm glad you have a built in babysitter, that sounds so great, I can't even imagine. My parents are 45 min away and my brothers both have kids (both 1 year olds) and they're always booking my parents so we never get the chance.

The car locking is so scary. I'm with Mrs Bear, in FL that's cause for window breakage. I'm glad it turned out well and you guys got to see some police car action!

Stay out of trees, you nut.

Keely said...

I think you deserved the ice cream for all the running and tree climbing and toddler-locking.

But you can send those avocados to ME.

Ginny Marie said...

Prickly pears...ouch! That totally sounds like something that would happen to me.

The avacadoes are beautiful!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I am not an avocado lover, but those just might convert me! ;) I love that you took pictures of all the action whilst waiting for the locksmith...I would have been too scatterbrained to have done that, then kicked myself afterwards for not thinking about taking pictures... ;) Happy RTT! :)

Krista P said...

I couldn't help but laugh. At the WHOLE post. Of course it could be the Amaretto talking.

Shangrila said...

When Sissy was little, I accidentally locked her in the car. I FREAKED OUT and popped the lock off of our new car with a screwdriver so that I could rescue her. We had AAA. My husband was pissed, but hey, MY BABY WAS LOCKED IN!

Also, now I want some guacamole.

Anonymous said...

Becca, you are such a nut. What an adventure with the lock out. But now I'm truly jealous cause I thought you looked great years ago but you just seem to get better with age Gal. BTW, had an avocado, cucumber, tomato & red onion salad for breakfast. Yes, I do live on the edge. Can't wait til my garden grows. If you're back this way, will make sure I make you a grand salad.