Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend of Rockstars!

FRIDAY: Inaugural Seaworld trip of the season with our Seaworld buddies: Nicky and Benjamin

SATURDAY: Gabriel's first soccer practice of the season

SUNDAY: We had a very special church service. I blogged a couple months ago about how my MIL & FIL's house church got too large for their living room so we started one in our living room. Last Sunday we had a big gathering of both house churches out at Aruni and Mike's house. It was amazing! I wish I had the words to describe it but there are few people who can describe, even remotely, what its like being in a group (ie. church) and feeling the spirit move through you. I was moved to tears throughout the entire service.
But especially when my SIL gave her testimony. She and her family travelled down here to give a presentation on their impending 5 year mission trip to Peru. Her testimony was one of the most transparent ones I have been priveleged to hear - full of that complicated beauty that tethers us to God through tragedy, sorrow, surrender, healing and humility. Thanks for sharing, Steph.Stephanie reading before we began

the girls chillin'

Jason hitting on older women

Nana and Maddox

Maddox doing things he's not supposed to. "They" kept motioning to me to stop him, but I just kept taking pictures of him.

Aruni gave a demonstration about making God our focus

our musically gifted

Patti is on the left by the screen - then Beth, then Josh, then Natalie

my MIL, doesn't she look all young and hip and ready to rock out?

Al: he sang Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Ethan: Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Mike and Aruni's dog, Bootsy. She let the kids put her in a doll stroller and then she just stayed there!


Casey said...

I wasn't expecting the "dog in a stroller" picture at the end, ha! The pictures were all great, there's something about little kids playing soccer that is so darn cute. Your MIL does look rockin, btw!

Peggy said...

Great pictures! I also was LOL'ing at the dog in stroller pic...what a good sport!

Pearl said...

You are lucky to have a Sea World near by! How fun for the kiddos. : )

Oh and right, I have a big post cooking up in my mind. Baby boy just had 2 month appt today. 4 shots has made for one sleepy baby. I am thinking I will have lots of blog time today. Thanks for checking. : )

Krista P said...

Spring is definitely here then - SeaWorld time!!! Aren't you loving the DSLR?

G looks so cute playing soccer.

Love the photojournalistic church pics!

Poor Boots. lol