Saturday, March 21, 2009

St. Patrick's Day was How Long Ago?

... and I am just now blogging about it!

Have you ever seen the pie chart of a procrastinator? That's me.

St. Patrick's Day in San Antonio is sad - is neglected - is lame - is uncelebrated. There just aren't enough Irish in these here parts. But coming from St. Louis, where it is a much celebrated holiday (complete with a parade, 5k fun run, pub crawls, free concerts, and on and on and on) I get a little home sick on St. Patrick's Day. This year, I had my own party. The Bedheads came over. Simon was here. Who is Simon? Simon is our friend from St. Louis who moved to Massachusetts around the same time we moved to Texas and now he is living with us until he gets a job to start anew in Texas, where snow is rare and steak is, well, I like it rare.

As you know, St. Paddy's was on Tuesday and (what you may not know) I teach at the Yoga Studio on Tuesday nights so we celebrated on Sunday after church. The Bedhead's came over and we had Shepherd's Pie and Guinness. I tried to make St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake but it flopped. We still had fun - it just required fewer calories.

(failed Gooey Butter Cake)

Ethan had some calls to make - then he hung out with Josh.

Just so you know, that is mid-blink - NOT, I repeat, NOT a drunk toddler. Still funny though.

Ethan and Ezra dj'ed for us.

Ezra then had some calls to make.

I love this picture of us!

this one's good too



Nadine said...

Better late than never. Love the pictures - the "drunk" toddler one made me laugh.

Krista P said...

Simon's the guy that married you, right?

Ethan's turned into a grown-up over night.

I like Ezra's phone ettiquette...a lot like mine. I turn the phone around so I don't have to listen to the caller.

And I LOVE that first shot of you and Mrs. Bedhead(?). You both look like nice young ladies.

Casey said...

Ok, what's with all of the toddlers with the busy social calendars that they can't even get off of the phone to smile for a picture? Man, times have changed. And I'm not buying the "sober toddler" story. Looks like you guys had fun! Next year, I'm crashing the party.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I didn't even get a green beer!!! And I'm Irish! SHAME SHAME SHAME.

Ethan is too cute with the drunk face. And Ezra? Well, I just need to babysit I think. Let me know when you need a movie night... :)


Sprite's Keeper said...

I would not mind polishing off that failure. Yum!

Rhiannon said...

Too bad about the Gooey Butter Cake. Will have to bring some down the next time I visit.