Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Tuesday: Lazy


I am so lazy.

The last two weeks I have mentally taken note of random things I considered posting for Random Tuesday - then, I forgot all of them. That's how lazy I am. I lack the gumption to remember. So, here are more random photos.

We went swimming at Ryan's. Ninety degrees in the day doesn't mean that the pool is warm enough for swimming. But Aimee, with her carefree vitality, said, "come on, rebecca, let's go swimming!" what was i going to say? No? It was quite nice. I felt a surge of adrenalin or endorphins or serotonin or whatever it was that happens right before hypothermia sets in, it felt good to be freezing. I'd do it again.

While we were there, we grilled some delicious dinner, drank some full-bodied wine (I will be full-bodied if I don't lay off the vino soon) and the dogs played together.

The next day, Abigail came over for a puppy play date. She is too cool for school.

We got our tax return and like any good American proceeded to go shopping. Yay! I heart my new outdoor living room set aka. a conversation set; complete with outdoor rug. Oh yeah, I know you want to come over for pina coladas.

The kids liked the box it came in.
Before we started our church service (remember we have a house church) we let Gabriel "hold" Jason.

Finally, I got some more fun shots of Sheila.

She looks like she's laughing in this one.


Krista P said...

I think that feeling just before hypothermia is actually shock ;)

I'm totally coming over for some pina coladas.

Don't let G hold the baby TOO long - he might be begging for a baby brother soon :) but then again that's not such a bad thing.

I'm further convinced after every post, that Sheila's one cool pup. She fits in so well with your family.

Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman! I can't go into a pool unless it's sauna temperature or it's my bathtub and I'm alone.

Keely said...

She's totally laughing.

Can you hold my pina colada until June for me? It's not really pina colada weather here.

Casey said...

You can come over and play on my new swingset if I can come and lounge on your new patio furniture.. keep the pina coladas coming!

BTW, that first pic of the dogs looks like they're up to no good. Did you find a 6' hole somewhere after the shot was taken?

FoN said...

Take it from someone who lives in Saskatchewan. It is NOT good to be freezing. It gets old fast.

Love the pooch pics!

Shangrila said...

What cute puppies! (The babies AND the dogs-lol! We call our sons "puppies" frequently!)

Love your outdoor furniture! Go you for supporting the economy-lol!

The concept of swimming at this time of year blows my mind (but then, I'm in MN!)

Great to "see" you again! :)

Ginny Marie said...

We just filed our taxes this week...and we're looking forward to spending our return, too! The picture of the boys is sooo sweet!

Lisadiana said...

YOU'RE NUTS! But the porch furniture looks good!