Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It was ten o'clock on Saturday night.

My husband and I looked at the pile of black bananas on the counter.

We looked at each other.

Oh yeah. Banana Bread Time!

It was glorious! There are SEVEN bananas in that one loaf! And ...

...the kids were in bed! Which means that we had a hot loaf of banana bread all to ourselves!! Mwa hahahaha!

BUT - the next day, Gabriel came down for breakfast and said, "Where are the bananas? I thought we were going to make banana bread together?"



The Stiletto Mom said...

Yum! I never think to do that, don't know why! I love bannana bread. Could not do it at 10 on a Saturday though. I would have eaten it all watching TV!

Krista P said...

mouth watering