Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ethan Bday

It began with a prize from Ma'am. He opened it the night before and was really excited. It was like he wasn't sick at all for fifteen minutes! She sent him some punching balloons and golden books (and a super-cool present that is sending via pony express aka site-to-store).

That night was also the kids' first night in their new bunk bed! B had to abandon plans to build one for them as Ethan has just figured out how to climb out of the crib. So we begin the headache that is transitioning to a big boy bed. (all advice on this subject is appreciated) It has been Gabriel's dream to have a bunk bed. Ever since his brother born - G has spent half his life saying-

"Mommy... uh mommy ... I want a bunk bed. I will sleep on top and Ethan will sleep on down."

Here is a photo of them from this morning, all dressed and ready to start their day!
We opened presents at home first.

This is from Gabriel to Ethan - money from G's piggy bank and everything!
Then we went to Peter Piper Pizza (sort of like Chuck E. Cheese's but way cooler and less annoying). It turns out that Ethan takes after his mother and prefers skeeball (that's my boy!). Here he is showing Soso how to play.

And of course there was pizza!

At some point during our lunch we all looked around and said, "Where's Ethan?" Never mind the fact that there were 11 adults sitting at the table, we still managed to "lose" a child. I went looking and here's what I found:

During all the fun, Gabriel came down with a fever. B and I got really bad sore throats and Ethan got really fussy again - presumably from feeling sick all over again. This was all G wanted to do.

Then we opened more presents.

This one is from Nana. All I have to say is, great minds think alike! And, I'm glad she kept her receipt because I lost mine!

Then we came home where I furiously baked these bad boys to take to church:

However, Brandon suggested that maybe we shouldn't go to church all sick and get everyone else sick too (including the two people who have weakened immune systems that we know of) so we stayed home...

... and had cupcakes for dinner.

What can I say? I feel like I'm getting sick and I don't want to cook (another good reason to go to church - someone else cooks).

Please don't judge me. This is not a habit.

Although, clearly the kids really perked up when they got their hands on some sugar!


Auntie Amy said...

Cute cupcakes and most adorable children. They take after their Ma'am.


The Stiletto Mom said...

Happy B-day Ethan! You have the sweetest face and most yummy pudgy hands!!! and everyone feel better!!! I am in Austin often so maybe next time??

Kellan said...

WOW - so many great pictures! Your boys are so CUTE!! Happy Birthday to your sweet Ethan - was a little doll!

Have a good week - Kellan

Krista P said...

Ooooh - so much fun!!!

Lovin' the cupcakes too.

Happy birthday WAY late mister E!