Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hotdog pictures and More

Every year for the last three years (since we moved to SA) we trick or treat at B's grandma's house. There are many reasons why we do this and the least of them is for the chocolate bars in place of smarties and blow pops!

Here are the boys in their costumes before we left the house ...

Ethan was NOT into getting his picture taken - you'd think he would be used to it by now.

Gabriel IS used to it and happy to flash us a winning smile.

My MIL and FIL stopped by GG's house on their way to a costume party. They weren't in a "couples" costume, but that would be creepy if they were!

She looks like she is 14 years old!

Here we are together - next to the coffee maker, as usual. Brandon did her tattoos.


Nadine said...

Cute outfits. Your kids are adorable. Your MIL looked great - love the pic of you two together.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I love the costumes...totally adorable! And your MIL and FIL look like so much fun too. You of course look adorable as ever. I'm going to have to stop stalking you, I'm getting a complex. :)

PS...your word verifcation says KydRock...these guys are getting creative!!

Krista P said...

Aww - Happy Halloween!

You're the best looking cat ever!