Friday, November 14, 2008

We're back!

We are Home!

The trip was great. Pictures coming soon. First I must resize them ALL and basic editing; probably boost the color, maybe crop ... Or go to Bed Bath and Beyond, I don't know if there will be time (that was a quote from Old School).

I am having a lot of fun catching up on my friends' blogs and lurking on their friends' blogs.

In the meantime...

I'm trying to teach Ethan to say "I love you" because he has mastered "mommy" (if you know him, then you know 'mastered' is an understatement). Also because when he hugs me, he squeezes his arms around my neck with his chubby little toddler arms, so adorable. His hugs are the embodiment of "I love you" -

Me: Say 'I love you'

Ethan: (smile)

Me: Come on, Ethan, "I love you!"

Ethan: (smile)

Me: "I love you!"

Ethan: (sucking thumb and staring at me incredulously)

Me: Ok, let's break it down. "I" Say, "I"

Ethan: "I!"

Me: Yay! Ok, now "Love, love, love."

Ethan: "I!"

Me: No. "I Love You" Say, "love."

Ethan: "I! I! I! I! I!"

(repeat for five more minutes)


Laufa said...

My kids would say "Too!" We were happy with that. They always heard us say it to each other.

Krista P said...

Well, you know what they say... "it's all about me!"