Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Preperations

As mentioned before, we are getting ready to embark on a one week (or less) camping trip with the kids to Big Bend!

This vacation came as a family reward in response to B finding a new and very awesome job! He figured that since his unemployment was spent in a time of EXTREME stress, it would be nice to have some down time with the family under happier circumstances.

B asked the kids today, "do you want to go to a park today?" And they responded, "YAY!" So I put on some San Antonio apropriate clothes anticipating slides, swings, jungle gyms - and then he took us hiking at Cathedral Rock.

Cathedral Rock is a nice park, a small park with very easy trails (except for the giant rocks). I love hiking as much as the next guy but I was wearing sandals. Even my (almost) 2 year old was chugging along better than I was.

Oh well. I don't even really like parks with slides and swings and jungle gyms that much anyway (mainly because I'm too big to play in them). I much prefer hiking. But in shoes. Shoes that cover my toes. And since I assumed we were going to a regular park, I did not bring my camera and therefore missed many kodak moments. Another reason to amputate my right hand and permanently attach a camera there.
Since I have no pictures from today, I thought I would post one of Brandon going down a slide. He must have been close to Gabriel's age when this was taken. Isn't he cute?


Krista P said...

Aww - isn't B cute?!

That was a really nice surprise! Sometimes leaving the camera behind can be more rewarding. But then again - you end up finding GREAT shots and thinking "I wish I had the camera" almost the whole time ;)

If you find a good surgeon, let me know.

Nadine said...

That is a cute picture and your boys look like their dad.