Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hiking in Lost Maples

Brandon's hiking mate (and former boss), Eric, called him to go for a hike in Lost Maples where there are allegedly trees that change color.

In Texas?! Prove it. (the last comments are what flew through my mind when i heard about this glorious place)

They proved it and it was pretty freaking majestic.

AND I am a night owl. Always have been. I get up early if I absolutely have to for certain things such as teaching a boot camp class, a long jog, to catch a plane, or escape a burning building. B informed me however that we MUST arrive at the park NLT 8 am as that is when the park opens and there was a piece about it on the news so tree lovers everywhere will be flocking to the park. And arriving at 8 am means that we MUST be AIS by 6:15.

I set my alarm for 5:30 - plenty of time to wake up, hit snooze several times
, get dressed with my eyes shut, get the kids dressed with my eyes shut and fall into the car.

My alarm went off. I actually turned it off and got OUT of the bed and into the bathroom. B woke up to the sounds - not of my alarm ringing over and over and over whilst I am sleeping through it - but to the sounds of me shuffling around the bathroom doing my thing. And he said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

And I said all chipper like, "getting ready! tee hee hee!"

And he said, "IT. IS. 4:30. IN. THE. MORNING!"

and I said ... ok, never mind what I said at this point.

(I forgot to set the clocks to standard time before going to bed.)

Rather than getting ready and falling into the car before my eyes fully opened, I got ready, put on some makeup (for hiking you ask? yes, well, I had some time on my hands) finished last night's dishes and cleaned my bedroom. Gosh, a lot gets done when the children aren't underfoot!

Thanks for listening to my rambling - your reward is the lovely pictures that follow...

I used PW's boost on all.

Can you tell that its been a long time since I have seen colorful leaves?

with midnight sepia...

with PW's b&w ...

with midnight sepia...


Kellan said...

Great photos!!! I had heard that this past weekend was THE weekend to go to Lost Maples to see the leaves - I'm so jealous!!! Glad you got to go and take all those great photos (for me)!

Take care - Kellan

Krista P said...

Oops - dern time change.

PW's boost does magical things to landscape shots, doesn't it? You have such wonderful placement in all of these shots.

My favorite is the rock stairway - midnight sep was an excellent choice.

These shots SO made me wish I was there (just not at the cost of rising at 4:30 ;)

The Stiletto Mom said...

Ok, I swear, SWEAR, I commented on this last night. This cold of mine is causing me to make many mistakes online...
So what I said is...I need to know where this is...can you email me and let me know? It's probably too late for me to get there this year but I have no idea where Lost Maples is and I've lived here all my life!