Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting Ready For Big Bend

We bought a family size tent today in preparation for the boys' first camping trip! We are so excited to take them to Big Bend for a week.

Our new tent is pretty sweet. It is massive. We also got a little carried away with the camping supplies. It is hard to have restraint when you are car camping. BC (before children) B and I used to buy our gear anticipating back packing and therefore really not wanting to have anything absolutely NOT necessary. But since we are packing the car and driving to our campground, we bought a griddle pan for the fire and a new snazzy lantern (amongst other things).

I am over the moon about this trip! I went on many camping and paddling trips while I was growing up. B and I used to go a lot BC - and now that they are old enough and healthy enough I finally feel comfortable taking the kiddies along. Unless one of them grows fiercely allergic to having fun and not taking baths, it will be the start of a continued family tradition. Really? They will love it too. They have been on plenty of day hikes to show us that they are also outdoors people.

I have also hired my mom (thanks mom) to babysit my blog while I am gone. Don't worry, NaBloPoMo fans, even I - and my five readers - will participate!

Mwa ha ha ha!


Kellan said...

It sounds like so much fun - I am so jealous!!! I know you are going to have the best time!

Talk to you soon - Kellan

Krista P said...

God bless Momma B for watching the blog - I'd go through withdrawals - seriously!

Have a great time!!!