Monday, November 10, 2008

Kid Talk

Ethan is starting to (finally) say some pretty cute things. One word sentences with adorable mispronunciations. It reminds me of when Gabriel was his age....


Boos Boos = Blues Clues

Bob Bob = Sponge Bob Square Pants

Pack Pack = Backpack

Lello = Yellow

Fies = Fries

The cutest one that Ethan does so far:

Cake Oo = Thank You.


Krista P said...

LOVE this stage!

Cadence like Boos Coos too.

Cody said...

My nephew was a big fan of Bob Bob. And Jimmy Jimmy Tron. (Jimmy Neutron.)

There was also a phase when he'd call my boyfriend (Brad) and I (Cody) "Bobby." Both of us... separately or individually.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I love these words. My G still says pack pack in first grade. Also? Thank you is nank you. Love it, and miss having all the baby words. sniff sniff

Nadine said...

I love how they say things at this age. My son use to call my daughter Lisa - Esa. It was very cute and he was the only allowed to call her that.

MIL, Nana said...

When Brandon was about 3yrs old, I sang a song in a wedding that had the phrase "You have ravished my heart". One night after we had put B to bed we heard him singing with all his heart "You have RADISHED my heart" How precious is that!