Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Car Wash Zen

If you know me at all - you know that I love washing the car. And if you don't know me- well, now you do. I'm simple that way.

Really though, I look forward to washing the car and during the more depressing times of my life, washing the car is what little light I have seen on this cursed earth.

Whew! I took a weird turn there, let's get back to car washing...

I don't mean that I like to wash cars in a soft porn, cheerleader sort of way. I mean that I like to wash MY car in a yoga sort of way.

There's something so comforting in returning to the same car wash week after week. Its not one of these new fangled laser, no touch car washes. This is an old school "fry guy" car wash that sometimes gives my two year a bit of a fright. But it has triple color foam, so its all good.

From Adventures of the Grigg Boys

There's something purely satisfying about pulling out the armor all wipes and leather seat wipes out of the console and wiping away the dust.

There's something very pacifying about hearing virtually nothing over the sound of the industrial vacuum and watching it suck up all of the fries, cheerios and debris life has left behind.

The last step of the process: throwing out the old pine tree and opening a new one (yeah, I keep multi-packs of pine trees in my glove compartment).

From Adventures of the Grigg Boys

Although sometimes I fear what might lurk beneath the kids' car seats. I decidedly turn a blind eye to that part of the car - time and time again.

I was at the car wash today. The car is gorgeous - well, it was until first we got 30 mph+ gusts and then rain. Argh...

Oh well, I'll just go back in a few days!


Krista P said...

You've brought back some fond memories of riding through the car wash.

The Stiletto Mom said...

We do the lazy man version at the gas station. My kids loved it when they were little though and when the foam sprayed and covered the car they would yell, "Now we are a cupcake!" Made zero sense but it was cute. :)

Anonymous said...

2 lovely child in kids car seat