Monday, December 8, 2008

Language Skills

Remember when I tried to teach Ethan to say, "I love you."

Last night, Ethan was awake with Brandon and I. He was being silly and saying silly things and B and I played along. Then we asked him to say "doggy" a word we KNOW he can say. He pretended like he couldn't.

Did you know that my husband is a frog? He was a missionary kid and grew up in France till his mid teens. Which means that he is completely bi-lingual sans accent and he has the attitude of the French. (its a blessing and a curse)

Suddenly we decided to see if Ethan understands / speaks French better than English. So we started throwing words at him...

Words he said with great clarity are as follows:

Ethan (doesn't look impressive but with a French accent it is)
au revoir (yes, he said that as well as he says bye bye)

Then I said,

me: Je T'aime.
Ethan: Je
Me: T'aime
Ethan: Je
Me: Bon, maintenant, je t'aime.
Ethan: Je
Me: Je T'aime
Ethan: Je
Me: Je t'aime
Ethan: Je

(and so on and so forth)

This went on for quite a while. Brandon gave up trying after a bit and started laughing at the whole situation.

One day that boy will tell me that he loves me!!!!!

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Krista P said...

He's making you work for it. You know he loves you