Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saturday Hike

We took the kids to the front country at government canyon for a little hike and a little picnic. For some of these shots, I applied PW boost - for others I left them au natural.

BTW: KP at The Grove may or may not have have mentioned a new set of atn's at PW's site ... maybe you just have to see for yourself.

This is the lazy man's (woman's) picnic - Mama Margarita's take out.

Sometimes I imagine little gnomes dressed up like prickly pear that just follow me around everywhere I go -having taken up permanent residence in my back yard. When we first moved here I thought cactus was so quaint - but now I half detest them and half accept them.

"Mom! Wait up! Take a picture of me doing this."
"Will that be a cute picture for the blog?" he asked.

Yes, G - you hardly have to think of anything "cute" to do and it is cute for the blog.

We rounded out our Saturday hike with some tree climbing.

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Krista P said...

I love how focused and sharp these turmed out. I peaked at the exif info on some of them. One of the shots of E on B's back had an exposure of 1/50" - anything under 1/60" usually needs a tripod to avoid being out of focus - but no your shots!!! You must have a really stead hand madame.