Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nice, Very Nice

In the spirit of my good friend at The Grove and her Bamboo Fun, can you guess what Santa brought me? I must have been very good this year!

That's right - I finally got a DSLR!

And here are my first pictures from it - in slide show form. I am so excited about my new toy - there are some 22 pictures in this boring slide show of random things around my house. My feelings aren't hurt if you aren't as excited as I am.

To prove to my dear husband who went through a lot of trouble to get me this fabulous camera that it was all worth it, I took these two (four) comparison shots while waiting in a parking lot. The alteration I made to these photos is that I changed the size to fit them side by side. None of them are color corrected or scene balanced or anything. They are as good as raw.

There you have it Branmuffin, proof that not only do you rock the kasbah but you also have great taste in cameras!


Nadine said...

I'm so happy for you. What a nice camera. It takes really good, clear pictures. I liked the random shots you took at your home.

Krista P said...

I saw the red alpha and I KNEW. I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited for you. I was seriously considering the Alpha before I settled on the Evolt.

Very nice shots. Again, so excited for you.

The Stiletto Mom said...

NICE! What happened to poor kitties ear though? :( there anything more fun than a new camera? I think not!!