Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

Our festivities began in the morning of Christmas Eve when my niece, Sofia age 3, and my mil came over to decorate cookies for Santa. I really wanted to take pictures of them hard at work but they required far too much adult supervision. Look what happens when kids aged 4, 3, and 2 get a hold of sprinkles! Next year we will need one adult per child plus a photographer.

Then we chilled out at home until the evening when it was time to go to GG's for dinner. On our way out the door, we put out cookies and milk for Santa just in case he stopped by. Like the IRS, we tried to get on the list for early delivery - for a change of pace (we have never done this before).
At GG's we had Raclette which is a true treat. If you don't know what Raclette is, here is a link to someone else's blog -check it out.

It is served over potatoes but here is a picture of mine over french bread; another delicious way to enjoy Raclette!
My creative mil took the torch of homemade presents and ran with it this year by making all of the girls these great aprons.

GG gave the kids their presents. She usually gives cash or gift cards but this year she bought presents and she rocked! She should do this every year. Here she is helping Ethan get into his present.

And here is Gabriel with his Lightening McQueen (learning) laptop. Oh yeah, baby.
Santa hit Brandon on his cell to confirm that he indeed had an opportunity to deliver our gifts on Christmas Eve. We raced home to see what goodies he brought us.

Gabriel got a gun in his stocking. Christmas in Texas is just not complete without firearms. (BTW: Santa brought Brandon a BB hand gun several days before Christmas - just to get into the spirit)

He also got the rubber alligator he wanted so much. Santa was thoughtful enough to bring presents from Ma'am and Papa in St. Louis as well.
Here are some final shots of the mayhem.

See Ethan playing with his Imaginext jungle playset? That gift has been keeping both of the boys entertained for hours since then. I highly recommend it. Even though it is geared towards boys, I think girls would like it too. At least tom boyish girls (like I was/am) would like it.

The kids stayed up really late playing with their loot and slept in Christmas morning -I will not lie, that part was nice.

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