Wednesday, December 3, 2008

what a day

- woke up feeling crummy. the kids are getting better but brandon and i seem to get worse.

- tried to stay at home and rest. ha! ran a thousand errands and then came home to decorate the house but not before eating some table sugar to raise my blood glucose levels (what is it about feeling sick and feeling "faint" after mundane tasks?)

- felt worlds better after eating sugar

- put lights up outside. tested ALL lights prior to getting up on a ladder to hang them. yet, half of them refused to turn on when after all my hard work i giddily (is that a word?) plugged them in. what a deflating moment.

- ruined dinner so i went out to pick up tacos. forgot that brandon prefers hard taco shells and bought six soft tacos. (sorry, hon)

- was listening to the radio in the car with gabriel. a song came on and he said,
"what does that mean?"
i said, "what mean?"
(that's hallelujah)

- finished decorating except putting ornaments on the tree - i'll let the kids do that tomorrow.

- enjoyed some quiet time with b, in front of a crackling fire with a glass of bailey's. that's really all it takes to make me laugh at the rest of the day!

good times.


Kellan said...

LOVE Bailys!! Sorry you felt so crummy - sounds like you got a lot done! I make hubby put up the outside lights. I think we are done with the decorating, for now - aside from the outside lights - tee hee.

Take care and hope you have a good day - Kellan

The Stiletto Mom said...

Feel better friend! Stop working when you are sick!

That Baileys does sound tasty though. Yummmmmm.

Nadine said...

Yum a glass of Bailys by the fire. Now that sounds like a good time.

You know that happens to me all the time with the lights. Test them first and then put them up and half of them don't work. What's up with that?

Krista P said...

Hopefully by now you're back up to parr.