Monday, December 15, 2008

random musings - and a contest!

Me to my husband: ...yeah, my blog rocks. I don't understand why I don't have more stalkers.

(he really doesn't get it -stalking is GOOD thing when it comes to blogging)

My dad to me: I read the last writings of my favorite author and now I know why he killed himself.

(I will send a prize to the first person to figure out who my dad's favorite - or formerly favorite - author is)

Sofia (age 3) to Nana and Aunt Nat: Aunt Nat Nat, you too big, and Nana you almost too big.

Finally, I would feel bad if I left you without a picture. Here is Gabriel and Soso. Soso took him to see Bolt while I took care of some of Santa's duties (lazy old elf). Soso returned him to us in the Walmart parking lot shortly after I mentally wrote a scathing letter to Walmart Customer Service managers re: length of lines / acceleration of checkers. It is truly humbling to hang out with a pastor after thinking sour thoughts about so many specific people. That's probably why God moved him to San Antonio, to keep me in check. Amongst other things, I'm sure.


Rhiannon said...

I'll venture a guess: Hunter Thompson?

Bex said...

Sorry you lose, please play another time. ;-)

aunt pat said...

how about Hemingway?

Bex said...

ding ding ding! we have a winner! sorry, folks - contest's closed.

aunt pat, i guess you have read his last writing?

Krista P said...

Hemingway is WAY over-rated. I dislike every piece of his work I've read...perhaps I'm not sophisticated enough to fully understand it.

Note to self: spend time with Rebecca's FIL. I too have similar thoughts about Walmart. I'd boycott if I had other local options.

Sophia is THREE already?!

Maybe one day B will understand why we feel the way we do about blog stalking.

Rulon and Lori said...

Your blog does rock! I'll stalk it. : )

Kellan said...

Cute conversations! Love that picture - too cute!

Have a good evening, Bex - Kellan

Nadine said...

Tell your husband that yes indeed your blog rocks and I'm a stalker with a smile.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Dang! I picked the wrong week to be a lousy stalker...I was going to guess Hemingway.

I'll be a better stalker in's one of my personal goals. :)

xoxo...happy holidays!!!